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If Aryabhatta invented 0 then how do we know Ravana had 10 Heads : DopeOfficialGlobal

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Ever wondered "if Aryabhatta invented zero then How do we know Ravana had ten heads" How do we know "Mandodari had 100 sons".
This is the biggest misconception in india which has created a lot of confusion among indians. Keep reading this article to know about this misconception. 

What people think about it?

According to some people Aryabhatta never invented zero, he invented a unique symbol for methematical purpose. Which seems quite right reason But then question arises how do people used to demonstrate zero when there was no symbol for it? Well some people also believe that before the representation of '0' there used to be different different symbols in different different era and different geographical regions. Somewhere a symbol or dot (.) Was used to represent nothing. Which seems quite relatable.

On other hand some people believe that there was no symbolic menifestation available in AD 485. Which doesn't mean they can't count. As related to Roman system of symbolic menifestation. "In Romen We use to demonstrate 10 as 'X' it doesn't mean we can't count."
Which also seems right and relatable reason.

This is what we found best answer for this misconception.

"This is the most popular and most viewed answers on Quora given by Vishnu Elayath who is top writer on quora."

Let me burst the bubble for you. Aryabhatta did not invent or discover zero.

Yes, you heard me right. Zero as a concept has been mentioned in many mathematical expressions even before Aryabhatta.

The concept of zero and nothingness has been prevalent since the beginning of time. Aryabhatta is considered to have contributed the modern symbol for the value of zero.

Even the symbol is an excellent choice.

• It has neither a beginning, nor an end.
• There are no sides.
• The symbol looks empty and signifies the concept it represents- nothingness.

There is also the fact that we should consider that zero is simply something we apply while calculating. we can count indefinitely without ever using 0. 0 is a symbol, a convenience and a convention, not a mathematical priori. That's precisely the reason why it is called an invention and not a discovery.

How many times do you utter the word "zero" while counting till hundred ? Not once, right ?.
Zero is "applied" in decimal number system because it makes conducting mathematical operations incredibly easy, which other systems couldn't guarantee us.
A notation for powers of 10 upto the power 17 was already in use even from vedic times. Single words have been used to denote the powers of the number 10. The numbers one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand and so on are given by the sequence of words in the list- Eka, Dasa, Sata, Sahasra, Ayuta, Laksha, Prayuta, Koti, Arbuda, Abja, Kharva, Nikharva, Maha Padma, Sankha, Jaladhi, Antya, Maha Sankha, Paraardha. Thus the decimal system was in the culture even in the early part of the first millenium B.C. The Yajurveda, in its description of rituals and the mantras employed therein, the Mahabharata and the Ramayanaa in their descriptions of statistics and measurements, used all these words, with total abandon.
For eg., Chatur Veda (Four Vedas) , Shad Shastra (Six Shastra) , Ashtadasha Purana (Eighteen Purana), Sahasranama Stotra (Hymns praising thousand names of a deity), Ashtottara Shata Nama Stotra (Hymns praising ‘Eight Above Hundred’-108 names of a deity) etc.
The idea of a zero-less counting system seems impossible to us because we deal with it on a daily basis and we rarely use any other system of counting.
Speaking mathematically, even the concept of zero varies with the context. You can conceive it as absence of numbers, or a neutral on an integral line, or as a source/origin in a multi-dimensional space.
So now consider the question that you asked. Was counting not possible before the time of introduction of the modern symbol of zero?

This world is full of exception which means you might have your own theory.

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The man who never lost "Atal Bihari Vajpayee" : DopeOfficialGlobal

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The former prime minister of india Atal Bihari Vajpayee finally lost this one battle. The battle no one has won so far. The man who gave a new direction to new generation, who served all his life to country, isn't with us anymore. On Thursday, 16 at 5:05 PM, he breathed his last at AIIMS New Delhi. 

Cr: Shashikumar
What make him different from others of his generation are several battles he fought when he was alive by remaining "Atal" ( Unmoved)
He rooted to his core values even as he dreamt of a new india. He served thrice as a prime minister of india. For a term of 13 days in 1996,
For a period of eleven months from 1998 to 1999. 
And then for a full time 1999 to 2004.
When the Janata government collapsed, he restructured jana Sangha into the Bharatiya janata party in 1980. he was the first Indian prime minister who was not a member of the Indian National Congress party to have served a full five-year term in office.
Bharat Ratna Atal said, "Empowering the individual means empowering the Nation and empowerment is best served through Rapid economic growth and rapid change."
Some major contribution of shri Atal ji
Raising India's GDP - Under his tenure in 1999 to 2004 India maintained India's Gross Domestic Production rate of eight percent.
Introduction to fiscal responsibility act - Besides raising India's GDP to eight per cent in his tenure, he further introduced the Fiscal Responsibility Act which aimed to reduce the fiscal deficit and boost public-sector savings.
• Rise of indian telecom Industry - His government introduced a revenue-sharing model under New Telecom Policy which helped telecom firms to get away with fixed license fees. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd was separately created to head over the services and policies. To further enhance the telecom sector, he created Telecom Dispute Settlement Appella Tribunal International telephone service Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd was ended.
Tweet tributes to Atal Bihari Vajpayee

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Why people are donating money to kylie jenner : DopeOfficialGlobal

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Kylie Kristen jenner is an 21 years old American television personality, model and socialite with net worth of $ 900 Million. According to Forbes jenner is 27th youngest female selfmade billionaire worldwide. Although it was alright untill her crazy fans started donating money to her and helping her to take her at  number one on the list of billionaires. Keep reading this article for more info.
What is net worth?
Net worth is the value of the all Non- financial and financial assets owned by an institutional or sector minus the value of all it's outstanding liabilities. (Wiki?)
Current states of kylie Jenner's net worth!
Jenner have  net worth of $ 900 Million And she needed $ 100 million to became world first youngest female selfmade billionaire. 
GoFundMe campaign that is collecting funds
GoFundMe campaign has been created in honor of jenner by josh ostorvsky an Instagram celebrity who goes with nickname "the fat jaw."
So far $ 2188 has been raised on her behalf.
The campaign description reads "I don't want to live in a world where kylie jenner doesn't have a billion dollars. We must raise a 100 million dollars to help her get to a billion, please spread the word, this is extremely important"
 And people are donating money Mostly $ 5 and one person donated $ 100.
Tweet that went viral on twitter
Video By DopeOfficialGlobal

Instead wasting $ 100 Million if people have donated that money to help poor people then the world would have been more awesome.

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What is that Airplane react on facebook? Can you react or not : DopeOfficialGlobal

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Reactions on facebook, facebook react, New facebook Reaction,
You might be wondering what is that Airplane react now a days trending on facebook? Here we've explained all about this trend. We've explained what is it? Is it available right now? Can you react a Airplane on facebook posts? How people reacted to this trend? So, keep reading this article...

What this thing actually is?

Yesterday facebook added a new react option to plateform, that was an airplane react. As you guys know there were six reactions already available, but facebook introduced their android user audiance to a new react that was an airplane react. Eventually in past few months facebook also added a flower react to plateform but that thing nither last long nor this airplane react did. Surprisingly Today at 10:00 Am this reaction was removed from Facebook and we don't know wether it will be back or not, also there was a glitch in that reaction due to which most of people were unable to react it on posts. 

How this thing used to work?

As people know there were these six reactions on facebook already.

But yesterday people were able to see that Angry react twice. Which later used to convert in airplane react. This was a major glitch on platform.

After clicking on that secondary Angry Reaction people were able to react airplane on facebook posts.

How people reacted on this?

People used it in a funny way and lot of trollers trolled this new thing in several ways. Some of those hilarious posts are also included in this article.
Facbook airplane reaction memes, all india bakchod memes, all india bakchod, facebook Reaction,
Also this feature was available only on facebook official android app, so facbook lite users and Ios device users weren't able to use this.
©Ashwin Phucked
There were lot of trollers who trolled this new thing on facebook.

Can you still use this feature?

Answer is no. You can't use this feature right now because of some technical issues on facebook. Maybe facebook had closed this program or it'll be back later. But you can still try to react like this in few steps.

1) Go to comment section of a post And long press that like button.

2) After long  pressing that like button you'll see two angry react options like this.

3) After that press or swipe to that last angry reaction.

4) You'll see a prompt like this which says please try again.

(Note:- we've previously mentioned that you can't react it but atleast you can try it.)

It isn't a big deal to have commen mistakes but as this trend spreads on facebook it seems people were waiting for this to troll. Luckily it wasn't known that facebook will launch this feature. 

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Indian idol memes broke twitter in past few days : DopeOfficialGlobal

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Indian idol is indian version of Pop idol format that airs on Sony entertainment television since 2004. Past few days were tragic to indian idol because of mass trollers on twitters. Memers trolled indian idol in different ways.
Some of those trolls are included here in the article down below, keep reading this article for reasons why people trolled indian idol so badly.
Basically trollers started this trend because of overacted accents of judges. ( Annu malik's "tu aag laga dega, aag laga dega, aag laga dega") (Neha kakkar's getting sad at every performance) and this became a trend to troll indian idol on these accents of judges. Some of those posts are featured in this article..

1) Sad story of every contestant

 2) The epic one
3) Mumbai floods 
4) To aaj kya sunana chahenge? 
 5) Aap mumbai nahi aa sakte.

 6) Some more tweets

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Reasons why you should start following your favourite fanpages on instagram : DopeOfficialGlobal

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You might be wondering why do we need to follow same pages on different plateforms? What if we don't want to follow them? Let us clear your all queries. Keep reading this article.

What will change?

Recently the CEO of facebook Mark 
zuccerberg said in an interview that he wants to see facebook memes free. There would be several changes in facebook news feed and it already has been started. Recently more then 5 indian facebook meme pages has been deleted (without notifying admins) from facebook.
Including your favorite one's (Sarcasm with 40 million followers, Logic Humor with 11 lakh followers, The Viral Indian with 9 lakh followers, dear google with 1.6 million followers and many more) This could be considered as a crual step taken by mark zuccerberg against meme pages. Now in this condition we've only one plateform left to entertain you and spread educational memes with our large audience.
Here are some proof added about facebook pages deletion which will make you feel sad about meme page admins. They put their hard work, lot of time to entertain you, there is olny one thing they care about, that's you.
(Picture proof - 1)
(Picture proof - 2)

(Picture proof - 3)     

How it can be prevented?

Surprisingly logic humor came back after 16 hours but it doesn't mean we'll take a chance.
We'll keep continue our services.
Facebook is getting strict and strict day by day 
So we are here to request our followers kindly follow us on Instagram to stay connect with us.
Not even us if you love other pages follow them too. Otherwise it'd be impossible to get such great followers like you. Kindly follow us.

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Top 3 Memes that made whole audience high on sarcasm : DopeOfficialGlobal

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A meme is an idea, behaviour or style that spreads from a person to person within a culture often with the aim of conveying a perticular phenomenon, theme, message or meaning by the meme. There are lots of meme pages on social media and several so called memers too. A memer is a person that collab with pictures and several sentences which represents the whole theme of meme. Today we've brought some memes which will blow your mind for sure.. keep reading this article..

1) When apple Co-founder said "indians are           not creative."

2) Currently trending "Chai pee lo freinds."
The indian women in this video gone viral 
And became internet sensetion. And then this became a trend. There were lots of memes on this trend but we found the best. 

Check-out this video if you were unaware of this trend.

3) Don't throw garbage on road by Anushka Sharma and virat kohli : Anushka Sharma and virat kohli spotted a man throwing plastic waste on road from luxury car. Anushka Sharma scolded him and virat took the video and posted it on twitter and it went viral too fast.
See how memers reacted to it.

There were several memes on internet but we chose best ones and brougt em for you.

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How to stay motivated during tough times : DopeOfficialGlobal

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It's really hard to stay motivated during tough times because problems "that might be social, physical, mental" keeps bringing you down untill you achieve your goals even after achieving goals. Is it easy to achieve goals without getting any trouble? If not then how to stay motivated during tough times? Keep reading this article..

What kind of trouble you face?

There are different - different kind of troubles you face during tough times in various fields.
Whatever is you goal is you can't go without getting troubles.
Frightened of what people think
Distracting from your path
Money issues/ No investment
Loosing support from everywhere
Lack of continuety/ time
Demotivating outcomes
Unsupportive family 
Study pressure/ peer pressure
Above we mentioned some troubles that might come in your way to distract you but keeping your mindset in positive direction can help you to get great results from your target.

Staying true to your ambition

If you really want to do something big and better for you, your country, your family then
You should start following steps mentioned below. These little steps will definitely help you in staying ture to your ambition.

Stop thinking about people who try to distract you from your path, try harder and show then you can do it.

People who demotivates you are those who weren't able to achieve their goals and now they're trying to bring you down.

Keep tracking your efforts, if you're not getting better results then try more harder to get better results.

Better results need better content and great efforts, so if you're thinking to get your goals accomplished in 1 day, 1 month then you should change your thinking. Great stories take years to be accomplished.

Start celebrating small victories, that will keep motivating you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Always remember what you're doing? Why you're doing? What were your goals when you started. And what have you acchieved so far.

Always visualise a successful outcome. If you're new to a field then you might be having depressing outcomes but remember if you're continoucsly doing hard work then one day you'll be having great outcomes.


No matter what  new day brings, don't forget that each new morning brings an opportunity to get it right.
Try your best to work towards your goals.

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How to shape your childs future : DopeOfficialGlobal

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As a parent you are responsible for every activity your kid perform, their nature, behaviour, How they talk, obeying elders
Shows your upbringing. You should watch your kids activities and help them to perform in right direction. Here are some tips that can help your kid to get successful and meaningful life. Continue reading this article.

Don't kill their curiosity

It's seen people get tired of annoying questions 
Asked by their kids curiously in childhood, but instead of getting tired you should answer these questions lovingly because this is the stage where your kid starts learning and you should be there to make sure that your kid's curiousity remain same. Curious nature of your kid help them to learn more specifically.

Let them understand things practically

You might be wondering  why should we need to show them practically when we can let them know things theoratically, but things shown practically makes great memories and things remain in mind for lifetime.

Building a bright future

Cute kids, cute kids, cute duos

Prepare them for  being a good person not for a money earning machine. Money is important but not more than being a good person.

Do not impose your expectations on them

It's seen people forcefully  impose their expectations on their childrens, but you should be making sure let your kids do whatever they want to do. All you can do is show them right direction in their field, support them and encourage them to do big.

Making sure that your kids won't develope bad habbits

It's your duty to make sure your kid won't Develope bad habbit like Smoking, Drinking, Addiction to Social media, Addiction to porn, Addiction to other harmful things. 
Keep your children's focused on their goals.
Temporary pleasures like smoking, drinking, masterbating should be avoided. If your kids develope such habbits you must take an action to take their bad habbits down. Nicely talk with them and discuss the harmful effects of these bad habbits.

Appreciate their acchievements

You must appriciate acchievements unlocked by your kids, these appriciations will help them to achieve more success and will help them to stay focused on their goal.

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Why 13 Reasons why is so popular in india : DopeOfficialGlobal

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13 Reasons Why is a American mystery teen web drama series based on 2007 novel (THIRTEEN REASONS WHY) Written by Jay Asher and adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix.
The serial revolves around a high school student Clay jensen and his friend Hannah Baker, A girl who takes her own life after suffering from demoralising circumstances bought on by selected individuals at her school. A box of Cassette tapes recorded by hannah before her suicide details why she ended her life.
13 Reasons why season 1, 13 Reasons why season 2, 13 Reasons why season 1 download, 13 Reasons why season 2 Download

Is 13 Reasons why relatable to india?

India has a very high suicide rate. In 2015 alone, 44,000 people ended their own lives aged 18-30 And among the students, one committed Suicide every hour the same year.The leading cause of death among young Indians today is considered to be self-destruction or them killing themselves. And one of the biggest reason for this is academic pressure.In India, when young people struggle under pressure, they have very few counselors to turn to. In fact, for a country of 1.2 billion population, India has only 3500 psychiatrists.
13 Reasons why season 1, 13 Reasons why season 2, 13 Reasons why season 1 download, 13 Reasons why season 2 Download
Even the parents and family members ignore the fact that their children have a mental problem and are depressed.
13 Reasons why season 1, 13 Reasons why season 2, 13 Reasons why season 1 download, 13 Reasons why season 2 Download

The series might not focus on education and shine more light towards the harassment and other enfeeble situations. But it still shows how a teenager suffers in school and in their lives. Something every parent needs to be aware of their children.
13 Reasons why season 1, 13 Reasons why season 2, 13 Reasons why season 1 download, 13 Reasons why season 2 Download

Now that the show is returning for the second season, hence the question arises, did “13 Reasons Why” stimulate an important conversation in the country? Or is the condition still the same or maybe even worse?

We Hope you ❤️ our Article